AIS has 40 years of experience in a range of laboratory instrument services. We are the leading instrument service company providing instrumentation services across Australia and New Zealand. Our in-house, factory trained service technicians have over 100 years of combined experience and have serviced over 500,000 units of instrument including microscopes, balances, pipettes, centrifuges of different makes and brands since 1981.

Our range of laboratory instrument services include:

  • Microscope repair & service
  • Motic Digital camera repair
  • Balance, Pipette & Temperature enclosures NATA calibration, performance testing, repair & service
  • Centrifuge speed checking

NATA Accreditation – Compliant with ISO/IEC 17025-Calibration

AIS comply with the requirements to test to the following capabilities:

Mass – Determination of mass and calibration of weighing devices Industrial weighing devices; Precision laboratory balances; Mass; Gravimetric measurement against reference mass;
with Calibration and Measurement Capability of –
Precision laboratory balances 2 in 106 or 20 μg (whichever is greater) in the range up to 10 kg
Industrial balances 1 in 105 or 100 μg (whichever is greater) in the range up to 60 kg
Temperature metrology – Verification of controlled enclosures Furnaces; Incubators; Ovens; Temperature; Direct temperature measurement;
with Calibration and Measurement Capability of –
Ovens, Incubators and Furnaces in the range from -10°C to 950°C
1.1°C in the range from -10°C to 200°C
2.2°C in the range above 200°C to 700°C
3.2°C in the range above 700°C to 950°C
Volume and density – Laboratory volumetric glassware and measures Piston operated volumetric apparatus (POVA); Volume; Gravimetric method; 10 μL;
100 μL;
200 μL;
500 μL;
1000 μL
with Calibration and Measurement Capability of –
0.05 μL at 10 μL;
0.15 μL at 100 μL;
0.3 μL at 200 μL;
0.9 μL at 500 μL;
1.5 μL at 1000 μL

Accreditation No. 1569

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