Yamato Laboratory Vacuum Ovens

The Yamato DP range of industrial and laboratory vacuum ovens is available in 10L, 27L, 91L and 216L capacities.
The PID microprocessor controller allows the end user to achieve high temperatures with accuracy, without compromising functionality or safety.


User-frindly control panel and display
Power Consumption and CO2 Emission monitors
Various programmable operating modes: Auto-start/stop, Timer, Calibration Offset Function plus more

Internal Dimensions (HxDxW)200x250x250mm 300x300x300mm (HxDxW)450x450x450mm 600x600x600mm
External Dimensions (HxDxW)400x410x682mm 510x460x782mm 670x669x1500mm 820x819x1650mm
Internal Capacity10L27L91L216L
HeaterMica Heater 0.68kWMica Heater 1.05kWMica Heater 2.25kWMica Heater 3.15kW
Operating TemperatureAmbient +40°C to 240°CAmbient +40°C to 200°C
Temperature Accuracy± 1.0°C at 240°C±1.5°C at 200°C
Operating Pressure101 to 0.1 kPa (760 to 1 Torr) at absolute pressure
Temperature ControlPID by microprocessor
Temperature DisplayDigital LED display
Vacuum GaugeBourdon tube type 0 to 0.1 MPa
Pump Connection PortExterior 18mm Ø / RC 1/4NW25 flange / RC 1/4
Material - InnerStainless Steel
Material - OuterCold rolled steel plate with melamine resin finish
SystemVacuum decompressed camber direct heating
Shelves3 perforated stainless steel4 perforated stainless steel
InsulationRock wool
SafetySelf diagnosis functions (sensor, heater, triac, automatic overheating prevention) Independent overheating prevention, key lock function, electric
Power50/60Hz AC100V 7A (15A)50/60Hz AC 107A (15A)50/60Hz Single phase AC200V 11.5A (15A)50/60Hz Single phase AC200V 16A (20A)