Yamato High Temperature Oven

High precision constant temperature oven from Yamato is ideal for heat insulation temperature testing and curing processes up to 360°C.

Convection TypeForced Convection
Operating Temperature RangeAmbient + 15° to 360°C
Temperature Adjusted Accuracy±0.2°C @ 360°C
Temperature Fluctuation±0.6°C @ 360°C
Temperature Distribution Accuracy±3.0°C @ 360°C
Temperature Gradient12°C @ 360°C20°C @ 360°C
Interior / Heat Insulation MaterialStainless Steel / Glass Wool & Ceramic Fibre
HeaterSUS Pipe Heater 3.0kWSUS Pipe Heater 4.0kW
Cable Holes33mm Ø (RHS)
Exhaust Port33mm Ø (Back)
Temperature ControllerPID Control by micro computer
Temperature SettingDigital Set (Up/Down Arrows)
Temperature DisplayDigital LED display
Timer / Timer Resolution1 minute to 99 hours, 59 minutes or 100 hours to 999hours / 1 min or 1 hour
Operating FunctionFixed temperature operation, Automatic Start, Automatic Stop, Quick Auto Stop, Program Operations
Additional FunctionsCalendar time (24 hours), Calibration Offset Function, electricity consumption, CO2 discharge, heater output operation display monitor, power failure return mode, user configuration information saving/summoning
Heater Circuit Control/SensorTriac Zero-cross Type K-thermocouple for temperature adjustment, individual overheating prevention
SafetySelf Diagnosis Function (sensor, heater, fan, triac, main relay, automatic overheat protection), Key Lock Function, Independent overheating prevention, door switch, electric leak breaker
Internal Dimensions470x450x450 mm (WxDxH)620x600x600 mm (WxDxH)
External Dimensions640x695x915 mm (WxDxH)790x8451065mm (WxDxH)
Internal Capacity95L223L
Maximum Shelf Load~ 30kg / shelf
Shelf Support Quantity12 pieces / 30mm17pieces / 30mm
Power1-phase AC200V, 60/60Hz, 16A1phoase, AC200V, 50/60 Hz, 21A
Weight~ 90kg~130kg
Shelf materialStainless wire