Yamato Forced Convection Ovens

The Yamato range of forced convection ovens are simple to operate, have a wide range of functions and advanced safety features.

Fixed setting, Quick Auto Stop, Auto Stop and Auto Start operating modes
Easy of setting with operation key or arrow keys
Over-temperature protection, calibration off-set and key lock available through the auxiliary function
Comprehensive safety features


Internal Dimensions300x300x300mm (WxDxW)450x450x450mm (WxDxH)600x500x500mm (WxDxH)
External Dimensions400x451x670mm (WxDxH)560x601x820mm (HxDxH)710x651x870mm (HxDxH)
HeaterStainless steel pipe heater 0.8kWStainless steel pipe heater 1.2kWStainless steel pipe heater 1.34kW
Temperature RangeAmbient +10 to 260°C
Temperature Control Accuracy± 1.0°C at 210°C
Temperature Distribution Accuracy± 2.5° at 210°C
DisplayDigital LED display
ControllerPID control microprocessor
Timer1 minute to 99 hours and 100 hours to 999 hours 50 minutes
Interior materialStainless steel
Exterior materialCold rolled steel plate with melamine resin baking finish
CirculationForced air circulation
Shelves2 x stainless steel
InsulationGlass wool
SafetySelf diagnosis functions (temperature sensor abnormal, heater disconnection, SSR-short, automatic overheating prevention), Key lock function, overheat prevention, electric leak breaker with over current protection
Electrical Supply100V/220V, single phase, 8.5A/3.7A, 50/60Hz100V/220V, single phase, 12.5A/5.7A, 50/60Hz100V/220V single phase, 14ZA/6.4A, 50/60Hz