Microplate Seals


AIS stock a comprehensive range of film and foil microplate heat seals, ideal for (but not limited to) use with the Vitl VTS Microplate Heat Sealer and Vitl MicroTS Microplate Heat Sealer.

All Vitl microplate seals are supplied in packs of 100 sheets, each measuring 125mm x 80mm.

Reels of seals are available on request

Technical Specifications
PeelablePierceableTemperature RangeSeals Polypropylene?Secals Polyethylene?Seals Polystyrene?Seals COC?Colour code
20μm Heat Sealing FoilNoYes-20 ~ +120°CYesYesYesNoGreen
38μm Heat Sealing FoilYesYes-20 ~ +110°CYesYesYesNoBlue
70μm Heat Sealing FoilYesNo-80 ~ +80°CYesYesNoNoRed
75μm Clear Sealing FilmNoYes-80 ~ +80°CYesYesYesYes75μm
85μm Heat Sealing FoilYesNo-200 ~ +110°CYesNoNoNoBlack
105μm Clear Sealing FilmYesNo-20 ~ +180°CYesYesYesYes105μm

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