A&D SE Series Water & Dust Proof Scales

The A&D SE series water and dust proof scales provides the third level of protection in wet areas at an affordable price. Rated to IPThe SE Warrior scale features a painted mild steel base work, an epoxy treated load cell and a stainless steel platform. Easy to use and easy to clean.


IP68 Dust & Waterproof
Trade approved by NMI Australia with two years warranty
Washdown Construction for easy cleaning
4500 hours of continuous operation with 6 ‘D’ Cell batteries
Huge 39 mm character height in the LCD
Multiple Measurement units & high speed stabilisation
Painted Steel Baseframe and Stainless Weighing Pan
Epoxy Coated, Corrosion Resistant Load Cell
Visual Comparator for packing to targets

2 Year Warranty


SE-30KAM30 kg0.01/0.005kg
SE-60KAM60 kg0.2/0.01kg
SE-150KAM150 kg0.05/0.02kg
SE-60KAL30 kg0.02/0.01kg
SE-150KAL150 kg0.05/0.2kg

SE Accessory Options

Part NumberDescription
SCE-OP02Quick USB Interface
SCE-OP03RS-232C + Comparator Relay Output

Additional information

Suitable for the budget priced purchaser who needs a good level of resistance to harsh environments.