A&D SB Series Baseworks

The A&D SB series baseworks are rugged, reliable and ideal for industrial use. They can be connected to any of the A&D digital indicators. Manufactured in Australia. Choice of 4 capacities. Enclosed aluminium load cell for IP-65 protection. Trade approved by NMI Australia.


Can be connected to any of the A&D digital indicators, giving a wide choice of combinations
Trade approved by NMI Australia
One year warranty
Very simple and quick installation
Rugged and Reliable operation
Manufactured in Australia
Choice of 4 capacities
Enclosed loadcell for IP-65 protection
Temperature compensated
Built to withstand the rigours of industrial usage
Stainless steel weigh pan

1 Year Warranty

SB Series Bases

SB-15K 10-D15kg
SB-60K 11-D60kg
SB-100K 12-D100kg
SB-200K 12-D220kg