A&D FS-Ki Checkweighing Scale

This A&D Warrior wet area checkweighing scale performs best in product preparation and packaging environments. It’s fully stainless steel construction ensures longevity in the harshest areas. Easy to clean and approved for trade by NMI Australia.


Ultra Fast Weighing- Stability in 0.5 seconds
Trade approved by NMI Australia
One year warranty
IP65 Dustproof & Waterproof
Comparator Function- Pack to preset targets
Large Indicator Lights- Displays a HI LO or GO result against your targets
Analog Sweep Display (ASD)- Ideal for target filling with a fast flowing product
Backlight Function- Perfect for poorly lit work areas
Three Weighing Resolutions (1/3000 trade approved, 1/6000/7500, 1/12000/15,000)
Rechargeable Battery Supplied as standard- Up to 80 hours from one charge
Auto Power Off Function- Preserves Battery life by switching off if inactive
Memory Function- 100 Target Weight memory positions
UFC Function- Flexible Setup of print output

2 Year Warranty


FS-6Ki6 kg0.002 kg
FS-15Ki15 kg0.005 kg
FS-15Ki-L15 kg0.005 kg
FS-30Ki30 kg0.01 kg

FS-I Accessory Options

Part NumberDescription
FS-03iRS232 + Relay Output
FS-04iRS422/485 + Relay Output

Additional information

Meat Industry, Fishing Industry, Raw Product Packaging, Processed Vegetables, Chemical Industry, Filling Applications, Product Grading.