AIS-R11C Brix Refractometer

The AIS-R11A Brix refractometer is a refractometer designed for wine making. Brix is defined as the percentage of sugar by weight in the solution. It is a measure of the concentration of sugar in solution, which indicates the potential alcohol that can be achieved. Brix scale is an important indicator for the maturity and harvest time of the grape, and when they are ready for wine making.

AIS-R11A is also a general purpose refractometer suitable for the measuring of the concentration in fruit juice, puree, coffee, cocoa, soft drinks, tomato juice, water soluble cutting oil, water soluble washing solution, etc.

Scale range: 0-32% Brix
Minimum scale: 0.2%
Accuracy: +/- 0.2%
Built-in automatic temperature compensation ATC system.
Compensation temperature range 10°C to 30° C