Motic PSM-1000

The Motic PSM-1000 is a modular microscope system that is suitable for the semiconductor industry, laser inspections and repairs or applications that requires an upright image with high quality optics, precision mechanics and Long Working Distances.

The Motic PSM-1000 incorporates a 3-lens change-over turret that allows the user to easily switch from visual inspection to laser work. With the following optical lenses 1X UV, 1X IR and 2X VIS the spectrum from 355nm to 1064nm is well covered. All optical components are specially coated to ensure maximum transmission.

Motic PSM-1000 offers a wide range of Apochromatic objectives from 2X to 100X. 3 different classes of objectives are available:

  • Apochromatic Extra Long Working Distance (ELWD) objectives
  • Apochromatic Extra Long Working Distance (ELWD) objectives with parfocality adjustment; eliminates the need to re-focus when changing magnification.
  • Apochromatic Ultra Long Working Distance (ULWD) objectives 50X and 100X.


Main features

  • Laser ready microscope system
  • Wavelength coverage from 355-1064nm
  • Upright image for easy manipulation work
  • Apochromatic ELWD, ELWD with parfocality adjustment or ULWD objectives
  • Incident illumination
  • Built-in camera port for documentation
  • Stand with compact footprint and mechanical stage available

5 Year Warranty

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Observation headTrinocular head 30° inclined (optical split 50:50 and 0:100)Trinocular head 3°-30° tiltable (optical split 50:50 and 0:100)
Interpupillary distance55-75mm
EyepiecesWidefield eyepieces WF10X/24mm with diopter adjustment on both eyepieces
Tube lens3-lens changeover turret 1X UV, 1X IR, 2X VIS
Laser workPull out beam splitter
Applicable laser1064/532/355nm NWR laser
Magnification range20x-2000x
FocusingCoaxial coarse and fine focusing
NosepieceForward facing Quadruple (dovetail mount); 1 fixed and 3 centerable positions