Panthera U

The Motic Panthera is the latest series of biological microscopes from Motic which has been carefully designed with an attention to practicality, functionality and aesthetics.

Panthera U is designed meticulousy with smart features targeted at the demanding university level users and professionals. The LED indicator on the nosepiece displays the light intensity of the microscope controlled by the digital light intensity control knob. The Motic Light Tracer with the encoded nosepiece memorizes the light intensity of each nosepiece position and returns to the last illumination setup when this position is recalled. The microscope is also equipped with the Auto on/off function to save energy and extend the life of the bulb.

Panthera U comes with a 25º inclined, 360º rotatable Siedentopf observation head with the premium CCIS Plan UC optics offer unprecedented brightness, contrast, sharpness and flatness over the entire field of view. It also supports other contrast techniques such as Phase Contrast, Darkfield, Polarizing and LED Epi-Fluorescence.

Panthera C is packed with user-friendly features including the new patented rackless coaxial mechanical stage, the most compact size in its class with durability and reliability. The microscope illumination is interchangeable between LED at different colour temperature with the new light module drawer located at the base. A safety design is incorporated into the microscope arm to prevent the observation head from falling when the head locking screw is loosened.

An extremely efficient low-power illumination system allows the Panthera U to operate cordlessly on a mobile battery pack for several hours continuously.

Digital documentation can be realized with the integration of the Panthera U Trinocular and Moticam attachable digital microscopy camera. The RedDot award winner Panthera L with the built-in SMART cam digital head is available for an innovative digital microscopy experience.


  • Ergonomic design with low-positioned control knobs
  • Colour Corrected Infinity Optical System CCIS®
  • Siedentopf observation head 25° inclined, 360° swivel head adjustment
  • Quintuple reverse-mounted nosepiece
  • CCIS UC Plan Achromatic objectives
  • Coaxial coarse and fine focusing
  • Fixed Koehler illumination system
  • Motic Light Tracer system
  • Interchangeable LED illumination module
  • LED light intensity indicator on the nosepiece
  • Sleep mode (Auto on/off)
  • USB port for connection to mobile battery pack
  • Optional Moticam digital cameras suggested for Trinocular version
  • Optional contrast accessories (Phase Contrast, Darkfield, Polarizing, LED Epi-Fluorescence)
 Pantera U BinocularPantera U Trinocular
Optical SystemColour Corrected Infinity Optical Sustem (CCIS)
Observation TubeBinocular Head - Siedentopf TypeTrinocular Head - Siedentopf Type
Interpupiliary Distance (mm)48-75
Trinocular Light Spit50/50 fixed
Inclination25° inclined, 360°swivelling
EyepiecesUC-WF 10X/22
Eyepieces diopter adjustment+/- 5 dpt
NosepieceReversed quintuple, coded
Objective ClassificationPlan UC Achromat objectives (Pb free)
Objectives4X/0.1 (WD 30.5 mm)
10X/0.25 (WD 17.4 mm)
40X/0.65/S (WD 0.66 mm)
100X/1.25/S-Oil (WD 0.16 mm)
Objective mounting threadW 4/5" x 1/36" (RMS Standard)
StageCompact & rackless stage
185 x 145 mm
Travel range X&Y (mm)75x50
Upper limit stopPreset; adjustable
CondenserN.A. 0.90 / 1.25 Abbe condenser with slider slot
Focus mechanismCoaxial; tension adjustement
Minimum fine foucs precision (µm)2
Z-Axis movement (mm)25
Illumination type3W LED, fixed Koehler
Illumination changeabilityLED colour temperature interchangeability
Illumination featuresMotic Light Tracer: Light memory, sleep mode (auto on-off) nosepiece LED light intensity and mode indicator
ConnectivityUSB for external camera power
Power supply110-240V
AccessoriesImmersion oil 5ml, power cord, dust cover, allen key

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