Ohaus Starter 5000 pH Bench Meter

Ohaus Starter 5000 pH Bench Meter is a high-performance meter provides accurate pH and ORP measurement for high-level experiments and research. Enhanced features, advanced technology, and high performance have been combined to support complex laboratory tasks requiring pH measurement.

Various high-level capabilities propels powerful performance

Starter 5000’s performance is propelled by a 1000 item library, 10 sensors for calibration storage, 8 predefined and 1 self-defined buffer groups, 3 endpoint modes and GLP mode.

Advanced software and technology support complex applications and intuitive operation

Starter 5000 has a user-friendly colour touchscreen operation, similar to other smart devices used daily. With a large LCD touchscreen display and the one-touch toggling of measurement modes, users will find themselves intuitively navigating through all applications.

Enhanced features offer protection & simple use of this advanced meter

Starter 5000 also has many features that promote ease of use, convenience, as well as protection, including a standalone electrode arm, USB port, IP54 housing and in-use cover.