Ohaus Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Ohaus Dissolved Oxygen Meter ST400D is a DO Portable Meter equipped with optical technology, ideal for applications that require simple yet accurate DO measurements. The ST400D portable water analysis meters were created with versatility in mind. They can be operated in the lab with the support of built-in stand, or in the field.

Optical or Luminescent DO Probe allows for minimal maintenance and permits for immediate measurement reading without the need for warm up time or any sample preparation.

The automatic or manual endpoints allow the user to easily recall the last calibration data and stored information with one quick touch.

Large bright backlit LCD screen provides easy-to-read results even in low light areas. 5 dedicated manual keys deliver simple straightforward operation for all operators with simple calibration process and accurate measurements.

IP54 protection which shields the meter from damage by water and dust particles.

With a meter stand, wrist strap for secure field use and IP54 housing, Starter 400D is durable and prepared for versatile use.

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