Ohaus Conductivity Portable Meter

Ohaus Conductivity Portable Meter ST300C is a meter to allow you to measure EC and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of a combined content of all organic and inorganic substances in a liquid conveniently and accurately. The ST300C was created with versatility in mind, which can be operated in the lab with the support of built-in stand, or in the field.

Automatic temperature compensation ATC with adjustable temperature coefficient ensures accurate readings while a 30 measurement library stores data for future reference.

The 4-pole linear electrode (ST300C-G) offers a large conductivity range that safeguards itself from polarization and pollution effects.

With a simple calibration process and quick delivery of measurement results, ST300C is efficient and easy-to-use.

Easy to use with a clear, well-organized LCD screen.

IP54 protection which shields the meter from damage by water and dust particles.

Range0.0 µS/cm ~ 199.9 mS/cm
0.1 mg/l ~ 199.9 g/l (TDS)
0°C 100°C
ResolutionAutomatic Range 0.1°C
Error Limits0.5% of the Measured Value ± 0.3°C
Calibration1 Point
4 Defined Standards
Memory30 Measurements
Last Calibration Data
Power Supply4 AAA Batteries
> 250 Operating Hours
Size / WeightApproximately 90x150x35 mm(WxDxH)
0.16 kg (without batteries)
DisplayLiquid Crystal
Temperature CompensationATC, Linear 0.00%/°C 10.00%/°C Reference temperature 20 & 25°C
IP ProtectionIP54
Housing ABS
Package IncludesSTCON3 4-Pole Conductivity Probe (70 µS/cm ~ 200 mS/cm), Portable Bag