A&D MPA Electronic Pipettes

The A&D MPA electronic pipettes series feels surprisingly lightweight with a lowered center of gravity and compact design. The MPA electronic pipettes are operated with a high precision stepping motor and also frees users from expensive external calibration services with simple calibration functions (for both volume and weight) which can be performed in-house. With these features users can be assured of consistent, reliable results and realize uniform pipette operation for both novice and expert alike.


Calibration and display in both volume and weight
Ergonomic design
Multiple dispensing mode
Mixing mode
Reverse operation
9 different programmable storages memories
5 aspirating/dispensing speeds to suit the sample characteristics (eg. viscosity to ensure accuracy)
Display panel impact absorbing protective pads
Operation by either an AC adapter or lithium-ion rechargeable battery

Model MPA-10 MPA-20 MPA-200 MPA-1200 
Capacity range0.5 to 10.0 μl2.0 to 20.0 μl10 to 200 μl100 to 1200 μl
PerformanceVolume1.0 μl10.0 μl2.0 μl20.0 μl10 μl200 μl100 μl1200 μl
Accuracy 4.0%±1.0%±4.0%±1.0%±2.5%±0.6%±2.5%±0.5%
Repeatability (CV)2.5%0.4%2.5%0.4%1.0%0.15%0.6%0.15%
Operation modeStandard mode (AUTO), multiple dispensing mode (MD), Mixing mode (MIX) System Setting mode (SYS)
Program memory9 programs
Aspirating/dispensing speed5 speeds
LengthApprox. 280 mm
Weight (including the battery)Approx. 150 gApprox. 160 gApprox. 170 g