Motic EasyScan

The Motic EasyScan is an affordable, efficient, and low maintenance Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) slide scanner designed to convert conventional microscope glass slide into high-resolution digital slides. Available at 20X and 40X scan, the Motic EasyScan allows zooming, annotation, measurement, comparison and adjustment of the digital image. It is an ideal solution for storage, distribution, sharing of images in a wide range of medical applications such as pathology, cytology, histology, healthcare and university education with benefits including:

  • Preserve valuable glass slide from loss and damage by the sharing the digital copy instead
  • Streamline workflow & improve efficiency with the easy to operate DS Scanner software with automatic slide loading and unattended scanning mode
  • Encrypted slide to protect the data security and patient
  • Upload, share, and access of digitalised images from anywhere with a couple of mouse clicks via cloud service
  • Second opinion, pathological discussion, and diagnosis are made possible over the internet by the remote teleconsultation (optional Motic Tele software required)
  • Identical and high-quality digital slides can be distributed efficiently and reliably across to students in class safely over the network without the fear of losing and damaging the valuable glass slides
  • Student can easily access the digital slide database (optional Motic DSStore required) anytime, anywhere via the network which enhances the student’s learning experience

Motic EasyScan is available in 2 versions: EasyScan (1-slide) and EasyScan Pro (6-slides).


  • High NA 0.75 20X Apochromat objective
  • Complete scan time of 15mm x 15mm @40X in ≤3 mins
  • Resolution: @20X: 0.52μm/ pixel; @40X: 0.26μm/ pixel
  • High-speed Autofocus: pre-mapping focus points is not necessary
  • Progressive scan mode ensures high mechanical stability by minimizing moving part
  • One-click scanning mode: quick and reliable data acquisition
  • 1-slide tray (EasyScan)/ 6-slide tray (EasyScan Pro) capacity which accepts wide slide dimension tolerance
  • 10W LED, ≥ 25,000 hours lifetime
  • Barcode reader (optional) for slide labeling


Standard software:
Motic DSScanner- Slide scanning software
Motic DSAssistant- Digital slide viewing and management software

Optional software:
Motic DSStore- Slide management software to allow the uploading, archiving, storage, viewing of slides on the browser which facilitates slides distribution and remote consultation
MoticTele Microscope System 1.0 – Tele-consultation system, allows upload, remote access and discussion of digital slides and the associated clinical data

AIS Australian Instrument Services Pty is the exclusive distributor of Motic EasyScan series in the Australasia market and offers full sales and service support. For more product information and images please visit the MoticEasyScan product page.

 EasyScanEasyScan Pro
ObjectivePlan APOCHROMAT 20X/0.75
Scanning time15x15mm, 3 minutes (@40X magnification)
FocusRealtime Autofocus
Camera sensor2/3" CCD
Resolution20X: 0.52μm/pixel; 40X: 0.26μm/pixel
Light source 10W LED light source, Lifetime: >25,000 hours
Slide capacity1 or 6 Slide Tray
Scanning modeNormal (Real time autofocus)
High Precision (High precision auotfocus)
EDOF (Extended depth of focus)
Z-Stack (3 dimension stack)
Slide dimension/ tolerence76x26mm; Length: +0/-1, Width: +0/-1
ComputerIntel Quad Core Processor (3.6GHz, 8MB)
8GB Memory/ HD 2TB SATA (7200rmp) Disk
Intel Q87 express Chipset, DVD Recorder
Windows 7 Professional 64bit
MonitorHD LED Monitor 24"
Software includedMotic DSScanner, Motic DSAssistant
Optional softwareMotic DSStore, Motic Tele V3
Optional Tray2 slides tray (for 76x26mm slide); VET tray (for 76x52mm slide)

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