Motic BA81A-MCH

The Motic BA81A-MCH dual view monocular microscope is designed to allow simultaneous image viewing through the eyepiece and the digital camera. In addition to all the features on the Motic monocular senior student microscope BA-81A-MS, such as the 100X objective, built-in mechanical stage, coaxial coarse and fine focusing control and LED illumination, the Motic BA81A-MCH is completed with the dual view monocular head with C-mount trinocular port.  The dedicated video port allow the which is designed especially for camera attachment.


HeadDual view monocular viewing head 45° inclined 360° rotatable (with C-mount port for camera attachment)
ObjectiveReversed quadruple
NosepieceAchromatic EA Objectives 4x, 10X, 40X (S), 100X (S) (Oil)
StageBuilt-in coaxial mechanical stage
Specimen holderAdvanced specimen claw
CondenserN.A. 1.25 Abbe condesnser
DiaphragmIris diaphragm
FocusingCoaxial coarse & fine focusing
IlluminationLED illumination with intensity control
Bulb ReplacementLED bulb 3.5V 70mW