LED Fibre Optic Illuminator

ML-150LED LED Fibre Optic Illuminator offers the benefits of LED lighting with the versatility of a fibre-optic light guide for dissection microscopes or other scientific or industrial applications. ML-150LED LED Fibre Optic LED illuminator offers white light LED illumination with adjustable intensity control. The LED light provides a longer life span than the conventional halogen illumination.

ML-150LED Fibre Optic Illuminator

  • White light LED illumination, maximum intensity can be focused on a small area
  • Cold light, no heat on object
  • Long life, minimise downtimes, low service cost
  • Electronically adjustable light intensity, no change in colour temp
  • Non fickering
  • Entry ports to suit
  • Fan cooled
  • 100 – 240V
  • Dimensions: 205 mm (W) x 170 mm (D) x 121 mm (H)

Fibre Optic Light Guides:

  • High transmission quality guides
  • Single / multi-arm configurations
  • Custom design
  • End fittings available to suit all illuminators
  • Self-supporting arms, single or bifurcated
  • Ring lights
  • Focusing lens, filters


  • Sheath: Flexible & semi-flexible metal, stainless steel, Silicone Rubber, PVC
  • Length: up to 9 meters
  • Active Diameters: 1mm – 10mm
  • Fibre Diameter: Glass 10umg/50umg
  • N.A. Glass 0.56/0.66
  • Acceptance angle: Glass 68/83 deg