Kubota 4000/4200 Tabletop Centrifuge

·         Compact Tabletop Centrifuge

·         General purpose centrifuge to handle a range of Blood collecting tubes, Conical tubes,

Conincal bottles, Microtubes, Microplates in different capacity and applications

·         Optional Swinging bucket rotors, Fixed angle rotor, Microplate rotors and Micro rotors, Buckets and Tube racks and Adaptors are available.

Max Speed6,000 rpm16,000 rpm
Max RCF5.350xg23.470xg
Max Capacity1,020mL1,020mL
Size (WxDxH)44x56x31 cm44x56x31 cm
Power requirementSingle phase 220-230V 8A
Available Rotors (Optional)Swinging bucket rotors, Microplate rotors, Micro rotors, Fixed angle rotor, (please refer to brochure)