A&D HW-G Series Platform Scales

This high resolution A&D HW-G series platform scale offers capacities up to 220 kg. Choice of Liquid Crystal or Fluorescent green display. Rugged and reliable.


Liquid Crystal [HW-KGL series] or Vacuum Fluorescent [HW-KGV series] display
High resolution up to 1 in 12,000
Rugged and Reliable operation
Standard RS232C serial data interface
Software includes counting, batching & % functions
Full digital calibration (FDC) ensuring accurate and simple calibration
Counting at 1/8 displayed division, 96,000 max displayed count.
Single point overload protected loadcell
Built in comparator function with full feed/dribble feed control

2 Year Warranty


HW 10KGL10 kg0.001 kg
HW 60KGL60 kg0.005 kg
HW 100KGL100 kg0.01 kg
HW200KG220 kg0.02 kg

HV-KGL Accessory Options

Part NumberDescirption
OP-03RS232C with comparator o/p & buzzer
OP-04RS422/485 with comparator o/p
Levelling Leg