Motic BA50 biological microscope

Uniquely designed for the future scientist

Motic BA50 biological microscope is a new generation microscope ideally designed for junior to middle science education. The Motic BA50 offers a superior optical system with high-quality glass optics. Brass gears and mechanical parts are used to ensure the microscope to last for many years in the education environment. The microscope also comes with many thoughtful and unique features that stand out.

Main features of BA50 biological microscope

Unique ergonomic design
WF10X eyepiece 18mm large field of view
Triple nosepiece
DIN Achromat objectives
Triple nosepiece
Coarse & fine focusing control
Easy focusing reference point
Press-down design specimen holder for easy control
LED illumination with intensity control

Looking for something more advanced?

Try the Motic BA80 series for more advanced features such as Achromat objective 100x, built-in coaxial mechanical stage and coaxial focusing control.

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NB: This offer is for the education sector only.

5 Year Warranty

HeadMonocular 360° rotatable
EyepieceWF 10X / 18 mm
Objective4x, 10x, 40x (Spring)
FocusingCoarse & Fine
IlluminationVariable LED
Bulb replacementLED bulb 3.5V 70mW