Accumax A Pipettes


The Accumax A pipette is an education line pipette that is fully autoclavable. This pipette, while priced like an entry-level pipette, has features not found on similar priced pipettes. The pipette is light weight while the construction is solid enough to stand up to research use. This pipette can be fully autoclaved without needing recalibration. Every pipette comes with an individual ISO8655 calibration report and a 3 year, no questions asked warranty.

12 Month Warranty

Accumax A Specifications

ProductVolume Range [µl]Increments [µl]
AFP-1000.5-10 µl0.1
AFP-2005-50 µl0.5
AFP-30050-200 µl1
AFP-400200-1000 µl5
AFP-50010-100 µl0.5
AFP-600100-1000 µl5
AFP-7002-20 µl0.1
AFP-80020-200 µl1
AFP-9001000-5000 µl50
AFP-905500-5000 µl50
AFP-10001000-10000 µl1000
AFP-1005500-10000 µl100