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Motic was formed in 1988 as a hi-tech industrial enterprise specialized in the manufacturing of microscopes for the education market. With over 30 years manufacturing experience Motic offers a wide range of products for various markets from education, research, medical or industries. Over the years Motic has developed into a global company which has extended its manufacturing and sales operation across China, Hong Kong, United States, Canada, Germany, Spain and other countries.

Motic’s manufacturing base in China consists of the group headquarters in Xiamen, China and five manufacturing subsidiaries across different cities in China. The Motic headquarter in Xiamen is also the R&D centre with over 100 engineers and technicians specializing in areas such as industrial, mechanical, optical, electronics design and software development.

Motic first launched the digital microscopy solutions and other digital imaging products in 1998 which has transformed the company from a conventional microscope manufacturer into a leading solution provider of digital microscopy in education, research and medical applications.

AIS Australian Instrument Services Pty Ltd is the exclusive distributor for Motic Microscopes and digital microscopy solution in Australia and New Zealand.

A&D Mercury

supplier-aanddA&D Mercury offers the market an extensive selection of equipment ranging from the heaviest capacity floor scale weighing up to several tonnes down to a laboratory balance capable of weighing fractions of a gram. A&D Mercury’s product range is made up of locally manufactured products from the Thebarton factory in South Australia, and high tech products that are imported from A&D Company in Japan.

The earliest days of the company focused on the design and production of mechanical weighing scales using the engineering facilities located within the factory.

The advent of electronic technology represented significant change to the measurement industry. This change was recognised early by the directors of the company who moved to embrace the technology into their product designs. This change in technology was highlighted by the change of the company name to Mercury Weighing & Control Systems in the late 1970’s. Design and production of innovative solutions became the trademark of the company as the use of electronics coupled with the existing knowledge base allowed MWCS to provide products to niche markets that were previously unobtainable. In 1986, the new technology was in full flight and the company recognized the need to expand its creative wings further to remain at the forefront of the marketplace.

AIS Australia Instrument Services Pty Ltd has built up a long association with A&D Mercury coming up to 30 years and we are proud with the endorsement as A&D’s Platinum Partner that recognizes our professional expertise and long term relation with A&D.

2013-09-05_1525Labtech is a fast expanding manufacturer of temperature controlled enclosures from Korea, which has been established in business for over 20 years. Labtech has its Research & Development and production headquarter in Korea and other manufacturing facilities across Asia, Labtech has distributed it products worldwide and has earned a high reputation for its innovation and quality.

AIS is proudly the exclusive importer and distributor for Labtech’s products in Australia.

AIS offers sales and full after sales services for Labtech’s products which ensures the best value for money of your product.